Running And Keeping Yourself Happy


For most people, running is only done to keep themselves healthy.

But you know what?

Running is also done to keep yourself happy.

When you run, you will not only take. You will also take all those essential nutrients coming from the sun to boost your energy. When you run, you will not only breathe. You will also breathe all those fresh air coming from the trees to boost your immune system.

And you know what?

When you run, you will not only condition your body. You will also condition your body to be healthy. When you run, you will not only condition your mind. You will also condition your mind to be fit. You will not only condition your heart. You will also condition your heart to be happy.

That being said, why not take everything mentioned here up a notch?

Run and keep yourself happy by:

Watching Birds

Believe it or not, there’s something about birdwatching that will make one happier than usual. You see, you will not only get to see birds flying over the horizon. You also see, you will not only get to see how birds fly over the horizon. You will also get to see why birds fly over the horizon, just as you get to see why people run outside for hours. As some would say, everything in life happens for a reason. And as others would say, everything in life is done for a reason.

That’s what birdwatching and running can do in your life, realizing more on why a person does something he truly loves and realizing more on why you do something you truly love – just as realizing more on why birds fly over the horizon, either to soar high above the ground and migrate down south or to glide down below the skies and breed up north.

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BONUS: Flying Kites

Admit it or not, there’s something about kite-flying that will make one gladder than usual. You see, you will not only get to drag the kite up behind you. You also see, you will not only get to feel the wind chasing you down. You will also remember how it’s like to be genuinely happy as you run all over the place, all the while dragging the kite up behind you and feeling the wind chasing you down, even making you realize that it’s okay to just let everything around you fulfill their purpose.

That’s what kite-flying and running can do in your life, to make you healthier than ever and to make you happier than ever.

4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Stay Fit

Write your goals

Decide what you’re going for and make sure they’re attainable! Don’t proceed unless you have targets. Write them down and place them somewhere you can see them easily. Exposing yourself to your objectives will encourage you to continue even if you don’t feel like it. You’ll also be reminded of the reasons why you started an exercise routine. Let your goals provide the fire you need to keep going every single day.


Track your progress

You might be hyped up for the first two or three weeks, but getting excited after a while would be a lot more complicated than you think. You have to remember that you can’t reach your primary target overnight. You’ll have to do a series of workouts to attain the body you want. The best thing to do is to keep notes on your improvements. If you’re trying to lose weight, write your weight every week. Make yourself appreciate the little developments, and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve improved after a few months.

Buy Healthy Food Only

Be wise about the food you’re ingesting. Throw away your old habits that aren’t healthy. Don’t buy junk foods and decrease your sugar intake. When you go to the grocery store, do your best to avoid the center aisles where chocolates and other sweets are found. If you don’t have junk foods and sweets at home, you won’t be tempted to eat any of them. If possible, grow your garden and start making your own fresh food at home. Stay away from unhealthy foods and get used to eating more greens. Stay healthy by going green!

Fresh Vegetables Diet Healthy Salad Veggies Food

Purchase New Exercise Outfits

Did you know that getting new workout attires can motivate you? After reaching a particular goal, buy new outfits for your routine. Wearing new clothes will make you feel fresh and more beautiful, just like the birds here in Once you feel confident about yourself, you’ll be encouraged to stay fit. It’s important to reward yourself once in a while to help you stay fit for longer. You don’t have to buy new outfits all the time; you could reward yourself by having a cake after one month of no sweets or going out of town.

woman jogging

The Best Things about Running


Running is a great exercise with several mental and physical benefits. Apart from being a good cardiovascular workout, it also has beneficial effects to the brain. It boosts cognitive functions and memory. Studies suggest that it is one of the physical activities a lot of people can benefit from. It’s not surprising that many get hooked once they give it a try. Here are some of the best things about running that makes it worth your time.

It’s free and the roads are always open

You don’t need to spend on membership fees if you want to go for a run. You don’t have to wait for opening time to use any facility. The running paths and roads are always open. All you need to do change to your running clothes and shoes, step outside, and let your feet take you in whatever direction you need to go. You can do it early in the morning, in the middle of the day, at night, or any time in between if you want to. More importantly, it’s something you can do even in your travels so you don’t have to miss a workout even if you’re far from home.

No-equipment workout

Running is among the easiest fitness activity to take up and maintain. You just need suitable clothes and a good pair of running shoes to get started. You don’t have to invest on monthly fees or other equipment to make it part of your regular fitness routine.

The scenery

One of the perks of running is that you see a lot of beautiful scenery. You notice many things that you may not be able to see if you’re not out in paths or roads you take in your runs. Early morning runs gives you a chance to see the stunning beauty of sun rise. Equally breathtaking likewise awaits you if you run late in the afternoon. Running is also a good exercise when you’re traveling. It not only helps you stay in shape on your travels. It also gives you a chance to explore more of the places you visit. You can enjoy enchanting sceneries and perhaps even stumble into amazing discoveries that would make your trip even more memorable.

The people you meet

Runners are a league of their own. You become part of a big community that has a special kind of kinship with each other. You come across people from all walks of life in your runs in different places you go. You may even build friendships with some of the people you meet in runs and races that you join.

Exercises that Help You Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals at Home

Staying on track with your fitness goals is tough when you’re busy. It’s difficult to squeeze in some time to go to the gym or whatever facility you use to practice or play a sport. Busyness and lack of time are part of the challenges of keeping fit. Thankfully, there are workouts that you can do in a fairly short time and right at the comforts of your home. This makes it easier to make exercise a part of your daily routine.

Jumping rope


Have you seen kids play jumping rope? They seem to have fun doing it regardless if they are playing in on their own or with other kids. If you think that this is not really a great activity for someone who’s serious at getting fit, think again! Many athletes, including professional boxers, include this in one of their fitness routines. If done properly, jumping rope can give you a good cardio workout. One of the best things about it is that a jumping rope is an inexpensive piece of fitness equipment that you can easily store at home or carry with you when you’re traveling.

Step-up workouts


Step-up is a good exercise. You can use the stairs or a bench if you don’t have a stairway at home. It essentially mimics the movements of climbing stairs, which is also one form of exercise. This type of workout is suitable for all fitness levels. You can adjust the level of difficulty and intensity to fit your requirements.

Bodyweight exercises


The long list of bodyweight workouts you can do pretty much shows that there’s really no excuse for not getting any exercise. Among the many bodyweight activities you can choose from include the burpee, lunge, mountain-climber, plank, push-up, squat, and several core exercises. Imagine the convenience of having these types of routines to get you on track to your fitness or weight goals.



Like other exercises, dancing is a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood. And you don’t have to be good at it to get the exercise you need. There are several videos of dance workouts you can find online. Dancing has a lot of benefits apart from making you feel good. It can also improve your balance and flexibility. It also keeps your bones and muscles healthy.